What is St. Mary’s Home?

As the name goes, it is a real home for the girls who do not have both the parents, who do not have one parent or who are so utterly poor that they have only the streets to live. In former days, such a Home used to be called an orphanage. Nowadays we simply call our home ST.MARY’S Home

St. Mary’s Home building

Who runs this St. Mary’s Home?

A Religious Congregations of Nuns, called, THE SERVITE SISTERS run this Home. The SERVITE SISTERS are a congregation of nuns, organically affiliated to the World-wide Religious Order called SERVI DI MARIA, consisting of Servite Friars and Servite Sisters. The SERVI DI MARIA is a very old Religious Order in the Catholic Church, founded some 800 hundred years ago, now spread over and functioning all over the world. As the name says it all, the main focus of the work of the Servites is to serve mankind, imitating the serving role of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The Servite Sisters came into existence in India in the 19th century and Servite Community of Sisters came to Myanmar in 1924 and estabilished their presence and service in Kyauktan. ST.MARY’S HOME is in this town, Kyauktan.

Where is Kyauktan?

Kyauktan, meaning a line of rock in Burmese, is a town almost at the southern tip of the main body of Myanmar, only about 12 miles from the sea. It is about 18 miles south of Yangon. Those wishing to visit this town which is a tourist attraction because of a Pagoda in the middle of a river, will have to travel by bus or private car from Yangon, cross a 2-mile long bridge which connects Yangon and Thanlyin, formerly called Syriam and proceed along the one road that connects Thanlyin and Kyauktan. This road meanders along the southern tip of the Bago Yoma mountain and ends in Kyauktan.


Where in Kyauktan is ST.MARY’S HOME?

As one approaches Kyauktan, one will notice a WELCOME TO KYAUKTAN sign on an arch across the road. Seeing this arch is a sign that one must slow down and look on the right side of the road, for a sign board, ST.MARY’S, about 300 yards further from the welcoming arch. Enter through this gate and one will be in ST.MARY’S CAMPUS. In one demarcated corner of this campus is ST.MARY’S HOME.