What is St. Mary’s Home ?

It is indeed a loving Home that creates a safe and pleasant environment for the less-fortunate girls who do not have both their parents with them or the parents are so poor that they leave their children on the streets.

St. Mary’s Home building

St. Mary’s Home built in 1996, a life-giving source for many vulnerable children

St. Mary’s Home has given many educators, nurses, tailors, vocational trainers and Religious Sisters etc… More than 90% of the children are orphans, coming from Myanmar civil wars; others are from families that cannot take care of them and many others whose parents are separated or divorced. St. Mary’s Home has been the life-giving source for many young girls. It is called St. Mary’s Home, instead of St. Mary’s Orphanage as it was used to be called in the past.

St. Mary’s Home building

St. Mary’s Home is situated on a 50 acre’s farm of sustainable agriculture and income-generating project for the girls’ Home and the Sisters.

St. Mary’s Home building

St. Mary’s Campus

This Home was initially built by the patron and a great benefactor of Servite Sisters, Fr. Singa Rayar with his own resources.

St.  Home building

With his vision and kind consideration towards the poor and needy, he constructed the present Home to a larger and spacious children’s home on the farm in 1990s. The present St. Mary’s Home has given shelter to the girls since 1996.

The original orphanage run by the Servite Sisters from 1924 in the parish compound in Kyauktan was falling apart and was not at all safe for the girls.

Who runs this St. Mary’s Home ?

The Servite Sisters of Madona Province, Myanmar. They were guided and trained by the late Fr. Singa Rayar to run this Home.

St.  Home building

Sr. Salette Mary, Superior of the Servite Sister (Servants of Mary) community in Kyauktan, Myanmar, with a portrait of Fr. Singa Rayar, who was instrumental in starting the 50-acre farm that supports St. Mary’s Home, which cares for orphans and those whose families are too poor to care for them.

The Servite Sisters are a congregation of nuns, affiliated to the world-wide Religious Order called SERVI DI MARIA, consisting of Servite Friars and Servite Sisters. The SERVI DI MARIA is a very old Religious Order in the Catholic Church, founded some 800 hundred years ago, now spread over all the world.

The main focus of the work of the Servites is to serve the suffering mankind in particular, the vulnerable, imitating the serving role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The Servite Sisters came into existence in India in the 19th century and Servite community of Sisters came to Myanmar in 1924 and established their presence and service in Kyauktan. Since then, the Servite Sisters are taking care of the needs of the orphan children as their main service.

Through the hard work and selfless-service of Fr. Singa Rayar and the Servite Sisters, St. Mary’s Home has been constantly giving shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education in government schools, skilled-based training, vocational training and other upliftment programme of the less-fortunate girls.

St.  Home building

The senior girls who are involved in the vocational training programme

Where in Kyauktan is ST.MARY’S HOME?

As one approaches Kyauktan, one will notice a WELCOME TO KYAUKTAN sign on an arch across the road. Seeing this arch is a sign that one must slow down and look on the right side of the road, for a sign board, ST.MARY’S, about 300 yards further from the welcoming arch. Enter through this gate and one will be in ST.MARY’S CAMPUS. In one demarcated corner of this campus is ST.MARY’S HOME.


As one approaches Kyauktan, one will notice a welcome sign to Kyauktan on an arch across the road.

St.  Home building

From that sign on the arch, about 300 yards further, on the right side of the road, there will be another sign post, named St. Mary’s Home with a small two storeyed building at the entrance. Inside the campus, there are many buildings, agricultural, operations, fish farming, chicken rearing projects, formation houses and workers’ living quarters./

In one demarcated corner of this campus is St. Mary’s Home.